Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability

Buy2Give, Cricket Australia, NBCF, Peter Morrissey | Buy2Give and Rail Approved products are all ethically sourced from factories which operate in accordance with international labour and safety standards.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of consumer packaging. Packaging is in accordance with Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) standards to minimise environmental impact and maximise the use of recyclable materials.

We seek to partner with providers that offer carbon neutral solutions.

Our PPE & Workwear manufacturers are audited annually by SAI GLOBAL

Standards Certification

  • Do your products have Australian standards? You may be surprised to know that in many cases, although Australian Standards exist, numerous products don’t carry the standards.
  • Where an Australian Standard exists, all our products hold these Standards thus providing you and your employees with security and peace of mind.

Our products are certified by SAI GLOBAL


We are proud to be associated with the following industry groups.



The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is responsible for the development and management of Australian Standards, rules, codes of practice and guidelines, all of which have national application.

RISSB is accredited by Standards Australia as the standards development organisation for the rail industry.

For more information about RISSB please view