Force360 Multi Cap for Star Picket Bulk Pack (Bag of 100), Orange

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  • MULTICAP is a uniquely designed product. It is designed to fit over star pickets and allows fence wire to pass through the cap and star picket when in place
  • Designed to fit on both 12mm and 20mm reo bar
  • Unique securing system on star pickets and can be applied to star pickets by hand in most cases
  • Once fitted to a star picket, MULTICAP is securely locked in place, ensuring it will be difficult to be removed by the elements
  • Manufactured in a hi-vis orange colour for higher visibility on building sites, work sites and rural areas
  • MULTICAP is manufactured from a strong co-polymer polypropylene
  • MULTICAP is reinforced on the top and the base to give extra strength
  • MULTICAP has a moulded impression of the star picket on top which allows for correct fit