Pro-Val Exam Glove, Whitenite Nitrile, Powder Free, White (Ctn 100x10)

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PART NO’s: 41104, 41105, 41106, 41107, 41108


  • Vinyl
  • Stretchier than standard vinyl
  • Beaded cuff for extra strength when donning
  • Powder free
  • Does not contain DOP or DEHP phthalates
  • Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers
  • Looks and fits like latex
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods
  • Meets International Standards for Medical Examination Gloves
  • HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification
  • For single use, non sterile


The Stretch Blues are a new generation, ultra soft resin vinyl examination glove. Looks and fits like latex. A medical grade glove, and also being blue in colour for easy recognition is ideal in the food processing and handling areas as well. Latex allergy sufferers will also benefit from using the Stretch Blues vinyl glove.